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Hi :) I have light brown hair with natural highlights, and I was wondering if it would look ok if I got ombre. What colors would look best with my natural hair?

It would look perfect! I think a blonde ombre would look great with your hair color.

For another treatment for ombre hair that needs strength, try half a packet of plain gelatin dissolved in hot water with a tablespoon of honey and half a teaspoon of coconut oil. Massage this into your hair and let it set hard. Rinse it out and condition your hair. The gelatin binds to the damaged parts of your hair and gives it strength, and the honey and coconut oil help moisturise your hair. Conditioning after gelatin is vital!

Hi there :) I have dark brown hair that goes to the middle of my back and I am really keen on dying it blonde from the bottom to up a few inches but because of my hair colour I'm not sure how to go about it? I'm scared to do it myself incase it turns orange but I don't know if I can afford to get it done at the hairdresser because they charge $7 per foil, in your opinion how many foils would I need? Thanks :-)

Sorry but I don’t really know how many foils you will need. I just showed the hairdresser a ombre picture, and they treated it like any other dying/bleaching job and charged it the same standard price. Trying visiting a few salons and ask them approx. how much they will charge. Show them your hair and how thick/long it is so they can properly decipher how much work it will take them.

Guys you have to realize, I’m not a professional and only answer from my experience of dying/bleaching/ombre-ing. I try to answer all questions to the best of my ability, but I don’t want to say something wrong and just let you ruin your hair. Always double check with a professional and do a lot of research before you do ANYTHING to your hair.

Hi! I have very light-freckly skin. My hair is naturally brown but I dyed it red over the summer and dyed it back to my natural brown. I really want to go for a medium brown to blond ombte, any suggestions? :)

By medium brown, do you mean darker than your natural color? You’d have to dye your hair that color, and then bleach the ends. Also use toner and dye over the bleached ends with blonde dye.